What's in the garage.

India Session Ale - Let's go Amarillo. It's true because it rhymes.

An easy drinking light bodied hop-stravaganza.

Blonde - malty and lightly stung with hops.

I like a light summer beer, with a body just big enough to tantalize the palate and enough hops for the nose.

Canadian Pale Ale - Hoppy front, malty rear.

People always talk about a northeast IPA: well, this is our answer. Aromatic hoppy and malty on the tongue.

Oatmeal Stout - dark chocolaty, but smoooth.

Take a walk on the dark side - chocolate and crystal malts make this a beer with all the right curves and twists. 

Limited Release

Best Bitter

The heavy lifter of the British working pub pint.  This is bitter in name only, amber and balanced with notes of toffee. At only 3.8% ABV you will find this session beer refreshing. 

Yup! The Bitter is Back on in the tap room!


Hazy IPA Craft Beer Local Locavore

Our latest hazy IPA is a Hallertau Blanc and Callista bittered IPA with a dry hopped Callista finish.  It has a zest lemony aroma and pallet with just the right balance between the bittering and the dry hopping.  

Come get it while it lasts!

Guest Tap

Promoting Other Island Breweries

At Small Block we like to support and promote other Island breweries. We had help from some other terrific island breweries and would like to share the good vibe by passing it on.

We reserve a tap at the taproom for selected beers from other breweries. This tap will rotate as stocks of the beer last.